Sunday, August 30, 2009

Please Shoot these People

To Start i'm agnostic (don't believe in religion, I was raised catholic and thought and still do think its a bunch of bullshit, also if you think i hate everyone who is religious one of my close friends is a Jahovah's Witness enough said), I think that all these christians and catholics and etc on tv running there mouths about salvation salvation. well let me be honest SUCK MY BALLS. who the fuck do you people think you are shoving your shit down my throat. All these commercials about christian this catholic that are trying to brainwash everyone. I am going to start a string of commercials promoting muslim and jewish shit to buy to piss all you fuckin self righteous assholes off, God does not think your better than me cuz you shove your fuckin religion down my throat. By the way if your religious awesome but don't judge me cuz I'm not.

on my point about being agnostic i think this video defines it, because i get alot of stuff about atheist and agnostic are the same thing. watch the video if nothing else.

My next point is this next clip. First off biggest fuckin scam I have ever seen. If you put money into this they should strap you to the nuke thats gonna try and stop whatever the fuck is gonna hit us supposedly in 2012. Just watch and see for yourself.

Before I end this I do not believe that if your religious you should be shot, I believe if your trying to shove your shit down my throat you should be shot. If you want to talk to me about your beliefs and listen to mine your good in my book. IF you wnt to tell me your beliefs and not listen to mine and tell me i'm wrong like a good liberal douchebag then fuck off and this is for you.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Such a shame....

I've been checkin out some older bands lately. it sucks that when you listen to oi and some punk bands you have to listen closely to see if this band is racist. i was listenin to a band called bulldog breed a few minutes ago and i thought they were decent till i tried to find the lyrics in one of there songs title h.f.f.h.. well the second link came up was hffh is a acronym for.... opened it up said hammerskins forever forever hammerskins. for those who don't know the hammerskins are an extremely violent bonehead (nazi) skin group.

it is sad that all these bands who have good sounding songs are assholes such a shame

Word For Word- Word For Word (2009)

Band Word For Word
Album Word For Word
Year 2009
Location Manchester, New Hampshire

01 Intro
02 The Journey
03 Disowned
04 Open Your Eyes
05 No Heroes
06 Misplaced
07 Queen City Crew
08 Ides Of March
09 Queen City Crew
10 Out Of Time
11 Ides Of March
12 Disowned
13 No Heroes
14 Word For Word
15 Misplaced
16 In Suffer We Must
17 M.O.S.H. (March Of The Skinheads)

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Word For Word- Keepsake (2008)

Band Word For Word
Album Keepsake
Year 2008
Location Manchester, New Hampshire

1. March Of The Skinheads
2. Out Of Time
3. Word For Word
4. Poisoned
5. Defend Manchester
6. Bounce
7. If Suffer We Must
8. Idles Of March
9. Five Six Six
10. Keepsake

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4 Past Midnight- Punkology The Colletction (2008)

Band 4 Past Midnight
Album Punkology
Year 2008
Location GLASGOW, Scotland

1. Party Political Bullshit
2. Little Sid
3. Carry The Cross
4. No Excuse
5. Same Old Policies
6. Join The Army
7. Nobody Listens Anymore
8. Mental Ward
9. Wasted Life
10. Abused
11. UK Of (A)
12. The Answer Is Still NO!
13. Killer
14. Police Story
15. Majors On The Street
16. As Our World Turns
17. Nowhere To Go
18. Senseless Murder
19. Victim
20. See The Light
21. The War Goes On
22. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
23. Cumberland Arcade
24. My Feelings
25. Hands Off!
26. Get A Life Or Fuck Off!
27. Outro
28. The 4PM Jig

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Total Chaos- Avoid All Sides (2008)

Band Total Chaos
Album Avoid All Sides
Year 2008
Location Los Angeles, CA

1 Speak No Evil (Intro)
2 Professional Liars
3 Tomb Of Doom
4 Fuck The CHP
5 Dancing On Your Grave
6 Avoid All Sides
7 Pure Insanity
8 Don’t Care Any More
9 Bombs Away
10 Bring The Boys Home
11 No Loyalty
12 America Uber Alles
13 What We Are

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Total Chaos- Pledge Of Defiance (1993)

Band Total Chaos
Album Pledge Of Defiance
Year 1993
Location Los Angeles, CA

1 Babylon
2 What's Left For Us?
3 Fuck The System
4 Lives Are Squandered
5 Gomer Pyle
6 Nightmares
7 Twisted Cross
8 Riot City
9 Racial Rupture
10 Pledge Of Defiance
11 Suicide Mission
12 Initial Distrust
13 Systems Downfall(the U.s.a. Is Dead)

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Mad Caddies- Rock The Plank (2001)

Band Mad Caddies
Album Rock The Plank
Year 2001
Location Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA

1. Shaving Your Live
2. Mary Melody
3. B-Side
4. Days Away
5. Hound Bound
6. Booze Cruise
7. Weird Beard
8. Easy Cheese
9. Chevy Novacaine
10. Depleted Salvo
11. We'll Start to Worry When the Cynics Start Believing
12. Bridges
13. All American Badass

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Leftover Crack- Fuck World Trade (2004)

Band Leftover Crack
Album Fuck World Trade
Year 2004
Location New York

1 Clear Channel (Fuck Off!)
2 Life Is Pain
3 Burn Them Prisons
4 Gang Control
5 Super Tuesday
6 Via Sin Dios
7 Feed The Children (Books Of Lies)
8 One Dead Cop
9 Ya Can't Go Home
10 Rock The 40oz.
11 Soon We'll Be Dead W/ World Inferno Friendship Society
12 Gringos Son Puercos Feos
13 Operation: M.O.V.E.

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Leftover Crack- Mediocre Generica (2001)

Band Leftover Crack
Album Mediocre Generica
Year 2001
Location New York

1 Homeo-apathy
2 Nazi White Trash
3 Atheist Anthem
4 The Good, The Bad, & The Leftover Crack
5 Gay Rude Boys Unite
6 NC
7 Interlude
8 Stop The Insanity
9 Crack City Rockers
10 Burning In Water
11 With The Sickness
12 Born To Die
13 -

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Choking Victim- Squatta's Paradise/Crack Rock Steady (2000)

Band Choking Victim
Album Squatta's Paradise/Crack Rock Steady
Year 2000
Location New York

1 Choking Victim
2 You Oughtta Die
3 Money
4 Apple Pie & Police State
5 Infested
6 Death Song
7 Born To Die
8 Suicide

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Choking Victim- No Gods/ No Managers (1999)

Band Choking Victim
Album No Gods/No Managers
Year 1999
Location New York

1 500 Channels
2 In Hell
3 Crack Rock Steady
4 Suicide (A Better Way)
5 In My Grave
6 Fucked Reality
7 Money
8 Hate Yer State
9 Fuck America
10 War Story
11 Five-Finger Discount
12 Praise To The Sinners
13 Living The Laws

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reno Divorce- Tears Before Breakfast (2009)

Band Reno Divorce
Album Tears Before Breakfast
Year 2009
Location Denver, Colorado

1 Supercharger
2 Firecracker
3 All Show, No Go
4 How Long's It Been
5 True Love
6 Our Dreams Are The Same
7 Say It
8 I Won't Say No
9 Can't Win For Losin'
10 Behind Closed Doors
11 One Step Closer To The Edge

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Reno Divorce- Naysayers And Yesmen (2002)

Band Reno Divorce
Album Naysayers And Yesmen
Year 2002
Location Denver, Colorado

1. Let It Loose
2. Hits You Hard
3. Good Luck
4. He's A Fuck Up
5. For Those Who Should Have Known
6. Last Dance
7. Why'd You Give Up?
8. Girls I Could Have Fucked
9. M.O.
10. What Were You Saying?
11. World War III

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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Casualties- We Are All We Have (2009)

Band The Casualties
Album We Are All We Have
Year 2009
Location New York

01. Carry On The Flag
02. We Are All We Have
03. Heart Bleeds Back
04. Rise And Fall
05. Apocalypse Today
06. War Is Business
07. In The Tombs
08. Stands Against Them All
09. Depression - Unemployment Lines
10. Looking Thru Bloodshot Eyes
11. Lonely On The Streets - Jersey City
12. Life Clone
13. Clockwork
14. Rockers Reggae (Working Mans Dub)

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Avoid One Thing- Chopstick Bridge (2004)

Band: Avoid One Thing
Album: Chopstick Bridge
Year: 2004
Location: Boston, MA

Avoid One Thing was started as a side project by Mighty Mighty Bosstones' bassist Joe Gittleman

Track List:

1. Armbands and Braids
2. Chopstick Bridge
3. All That You've Heard
4. Lot Like This, A
5. Judy
6. About You
7. Next Stop Is the Last Stop
8. Gone and Forgotten
9. Streetlight
10. Fillmore East
11. Airplane, The
12. Renegade
13. Capital Letters
14. Watching Us Anyway

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Skrewdriver- All Skrewed Up (1977)

This got to be one of most controversial and miss understood record in the history of punk rock. Skrewdriver was formed in 1976 by front man Ian Stuart, influenced after seeing the Sex Pistols in Manchester that same year. At first the band came out as a punk image, but quickly became the first skinhead band, and was always performed by a large skinhead audience since their beggining which most of the time the show had to be shut down do to skinhead violence. This record and the early Skrewdriver, they did not supported any political parties till the band split up in '79 and later in '82 when Ian reformed Skrewdriver with new members, the band came out as a far right National Socialist band (Ian was the only original member of Skrewdriver when they reformed). In my opinion this is one of the best records of all time, even though I get shit from other skins or punks for listening to their early stuff, I do not support the second face of the band. It's sad in a way, because if Ian changed the name when they reformed in '82, Skrewdriver wouldn't have this reputation, but thats not how things went.

Taken from the Page Skunx Come Back

My Note: Whatever you know about Skrewdriver being A racist band came after this record. If You Like punk or Oi give this record an honest listen, It is one of the best punk records ever written.

Band Skrewdriver
Album All Skrewed Up
Year 1977
Location Uk
Myspace Not Gonna Put It Up Cuz its all racost on the page

1. Where's It Gonna End
2. Government Action
3. Backstreet Kids
4. Gotta Be Young
5. I Don't Need Your Love
6. I Don't Like You
7. An-ti-so-cial
8. (Too Much) Confusion
9. 9 till 5
10. Jailbait
11. We Don't Pose
12. The Only One
13. Won't Get Fooled Again

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86 Mentality- Going Nowhere Fast (2005)

Band 86 Mentality
Album Going Nowhere Fast
Year 2005
Location Washington D.C.

1. Intro/Life Trap
2. Terror Boys
3. Get Away
4. Escape
5. 86 Mentality
6. Violent Nights
7. Terror Boys
8. Scumbag
9. Chemical Threat
10. Fall In Line
11. On The Loose
12. Oppression
13. Blood Red Violence
14. Way Of Life
15. Final Exit
16. Terror Boys (live)
17. Get Away (live)
18. Evil
19. Gonna Hafta Fight

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4 Skins- The Best Of (2002)

Band 4 Skins
Album The Best Of
Year 2002
Location London UK

1. One Law for Them
2. Yesterdays Heroes
3. Clockwork Skinhead
4. Brave New World
5. Chaos
6. Wonderful World
7. Evil
8. Sorry
9. 1984
10. A.C.A.B.
11. I Don't Wanna Die
12. Plastic Gangsters
13. Yesterdays Heroes
14. Get Out of My Life
15. Justice
16. Jack the Lad
17. Low Life
18. Bread or Blood
19. Seems to Me
20. Norman
21. On the Streets
22. Five More Years
23. Betrayed
24. Saturday [Live]
25. Dambusters

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4-Skins & EvilConduct - Turning the Past into the Present EP (2009)

Band 4 Skins & Evil Conduct
Album Turning the Past into the Present EP
Year 2009
Location Evil Conduct: Netherlands; 4 Skins: UK

01. The 4Skins - Thanks for the Memories
02. Evil Conduct - The Way We Feel

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4 Past Midnight- Guilty As Charged (Promo) (2008)

Band 4 Past Midnight
Album Guilty As Charged (Promo)
Year 2008
Location GLASGOW, Scotland

If anyone has this full cd please put the link into the message box thank you

1. Going Underground
2. The 4pm Crew Part 2
3. Solution Is War
4. Glasgow

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4 Past Midnight- Trials And Tribulations (2005)

Band 4 Past Midnight
Album Trials And Tribulations
Year 2005
Location GLASGOW, Scotland

1 The End Of The Night
2 Its Not Right
3 Victim
4 So Fragile
5 Killer
6 The 4pm Crew
7 New World
8 Fight And Unite
9 All For Free
10 Down And Out
11 No Excuse
12 I Never Needed You
13 Jamie Lee Curtis Looks Like Shit
14 Majors On The Street
15 Hidden Track

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VA: Celtic Punk Sampler Vol 10

Band VA Celtic Punk Sampler
Album Vol XI - ENGLAND
Location England
The Roughneck Riot:
Smokey Bastard:
Tommy's Heroes:
3 Sheets t'Wind:

01 THE ROUGHNECK RIOT - Passing of a Hero 4.11
02 THE ROUGHNECK RIOT - Sinners and Saints 3:46
03 THE ROUGHNECK RIOT - Callaghan Street 4:44
04 THE ROUGHNECK RIOT - A Night in McCarthy's (Acoustic) 2:27
05 THE ROUGHNECK RIOT - Banished 3:22
06 THE ROUGHNECK RIOT - Gamblin' Days 2:45
07 THE ROUGHNECK RIOT - Mutiny 2:53
08 SMOKEY BASTARD - Boys Who Left the Band 2:31
09 SMOKEY BASTARD - Weigh Anchor 3:08
10 SMOKEY BASTARD - Curse the London City Gent 3:43
11 SMOKEY BASTARD - Steve the Twat 2:47
12 SMOKEY BASTARD - Sideways Up the Rubber Sprocket 3:25
13 SMOKEY BASTARD - Old Jack (Live) 6:36
14 SMOKEY BASTARD - Mrs. McGrath (Live) 3:32
15 TOMMY'S HEROES - Ali Ali 2:31
16 TOMMY'S HEROES - Only a Tavern 3:03
17 TOMMY'S HEROES - Tommy Was a Fighter 3:47
18 TOMMY'S HEROES - Pirates Life 1:43
19 TOMMY'S HEROES - To Sea My Love 4:31
20 3 SHEETS T'WIND - Johnny's Army 2:36
21 3 SHEETS T'WIND - Last of the Sun 2:09
22 3 SHEETS T'WIND - Bastardo de Toledo 2:33
23 3 SHEETS T'WIND - I'll Tell me Ma 2:11

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Street Brats- See You At The Bottom (2006)

Band Street Brats
Album See You At The Bottom
Year 2006
Location CHICAGO

1 Seventy-seven Fallen Angels
2 We're Alright
3 Destination Nowhere
4 North Side Story
5 Southbound
6 Your Future
7 I Remember
8 Mind Control
9 Born Rejected
10 Lean On Me (one Life One Love)

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Street Brats- Dead End Kids (2003)

Band Street Brats
Album Dead End Kids
Year 2003
Location CHICAGO

1 Dead End Kids
2 Teenage Timebomb
3 Deacons Daughter
4 Living on the Outside
5 Our Noise
6 Brookside Riot Squad
7 Anger and Angst
8 Nowhere to Go
9 Public Disease
10 The Kids Just Wanna Dance
11 Police Custody
12 SB Outro

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Tattoed Mother Fuckers- The Hate Edge EP (2003)

Band Tattoed Mother Fuckers
Album Hate Edge
Year 2003

01. Victims
02. Work Together
03. Urban Soldiers
04. Ultra Violence
05. Run From You

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Specials- Best Of (1996)

Band The Specials
Album The Best Of
Year 1996
Location UK

1. Rude Boys Outta Jail
2. Message to You Rudy
3. Rat Race
4. Maggie's Farm
5. Blank Expression
6. Why?
7. I Can't Stand It
8. Man at C & A
9. Do the Dog
10. Too Much Too Young
11. Monkey Man
12. Little Bitch
13. War Crimes
14. Nite Klub
15. Concrete Jungle
16. Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)

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The Templars- 1118-1312 EP (1998)

Band The Templars
Album 1118-1312 [EP]
Year 1998
Location New York

This has become one of my favorite cd's as of late. But let me clear up a few things to anyone who has seen The Davinci Code or read the book would probably know the templar knights are the group who protected travelers on in certain areas of Europe as well as keeping the secrets of the "Holy Grail" or as it is depicted in above stated movie, the bloodline of Christ. the dates are when they are said to existed.

Anyways This is an awesome album the only one I have at the moment so I'll be lookin for their other work soon.

1. D.M.U.
2. Land of the Morning Calm
3. Skins and Punks
4. Glory It Once Was
5. Shades of Grey
6. Chansons de Geste
7. Police Informer [Live]
8. War on the Streets [Live]
9. Just Another Rebel [Live]

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I woke up this morning hungover, but thats not my point, I woke up threw the news on like I always do. The first thing that I hear is Rapist Doesn't Have To Wear GPS. This immediatly peaked my interest. I am of the opinion anyone and I mean anyone who touches molests children and is caught doing so or beyond a reasonable doubt that you diddled a child you should be lined up and let every member of that family shoot you slowly starting from your feet and the father and mother putting the final shots into the front of your fucking head. All those priests should be burned on a cross.

This asshole spent 19 years in jail and is a level 3 sex offender (as i was made aware this morning this is the level that is most likely to re-offend). What I heard this morning is it inflicted on his rights, mother fucker you do not deserve to have rights. You are the scum of the earth and the person who puts a broom pole up your ass and asks if you like it deserves a bronze statue in Lowell commons.

For those who don't know there are I believe three levels of sex offenders. Level 1 is as I understand it described as public nudity (flashing, takin a leak on a building) alot of us would be guilty of those charges I'm sure. Level 2 I'm not to sure about I assume you touched some one or went down for date rape or some shit like that. Level 3 I'm sure you can figure out.

Now I do not believe every sex offender should be shot there are situations where wrong place wrong time. But if your caught fucking or diddlin any one under the age of lets say 12 or so; cuz at that point they have some idea whats going on; you should be taken care of according to severity. Upon severity your rights are revoked.

Let me know what ya think.

Link to story Rapist Will Not Have To Wear GPS

Rat City Riot- The Open Road EP (2008)

Band Rat City Riot
Album The Open Road EP
Year 2008
Location SAN DIEGO, California

1 Open Road
2 Cut Short
3 Help Save The Youth Of America
4 Hard Luck
5 Friday Night
6 Hey Kid

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Rat City Riot- Load Up (2008)

Band Rat City Riot
Album Load Up
Year 2008
Location SAN DIEGO, California

1 What`s Wrong
2 Stranglehold
3 Second Skin
4 Revolve And Evolve
5 A Match Made In Germany
6 Breaking Point
7 Too Much To Prove
8 Load Up
9 You`re The Reason
10 Saturday Night`s Alright
11 Rat City Riot
12 Martyrs And Saints

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Rat City Riot- Dirty Rotten Games (2006)

Band Rat City Riot
Album Dirty Rotten Games
Year 2006
Location SAN DIEGO, California

Great Street Punk from Cali with a great cover of Slapshot

1 Dirty Rotten Games
2 Break Us Down
3 Better Off
4 First Look
5 Keep Running
6 Too Much To Prove
7 Time To Shine
8 Reality TV
9 Foot To The Floor
10 Rat City Riot
11 Secrets (Slapshot)

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What up

Just lettin everyone know this is Boy In The Storm from Brosincrime, I started this thing a while ago and kinda got sidetracked with bros. I've finally figured out the format for this page. I'm gonna use this page as more of the punk side of things, doing reviews etc etc etc. Its gonna take a while to get used to but it will get going as it goes.

I'll still be posting on Brosincrime as well