Monday, December 28, 2009

Clit 45- 2, 4, 6, 8...We're The Kids You Love To Hate (2006)

Band Clit 45
Album 2, 4, 6, 8...We're The Kids You Love To Hate
Year 2006
Location Silver Lake

1 Your Life To Choose
2 Breaking Out
3 Empty Day
4 It Ain't Over
5 We'll Have Our Say
6 Last Inision
7 No Surrender
8 Waste Of Time
9 Cracked Actor
10 Fight Back
11 End Of You
12 Set It Off
13 Used To Have A Life

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Brutal Truth- Evolution Through Revolution (2009)

Band Brutal Truth
Album Evolution Through Revolution
Year 2009
Location New York City, New York

1. Sugardaddy
2. Turmoil
3. Daydreamer
4. On The Hunt
5. Fist In Mouth
6. Get A Therapist Spare The World
7. War is Good
8. Evolution Through Revolution
9. Powder Burn
10. Attack Dog
11. Branded
12. Detatched
13. Global Good Guy
14. Humpty Finance
15. Semi-Automatic Carnation
16. Itch
17. Afterworld
18. Lifer
19. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
20. Grind Fidelity

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Call The Paramedics- You Guys Can't Play Here Anymore (2005)

Band Call The Paramedics
Album You Guys Can't Play Here Anymore
Year 2005
Location Atlantic City, New Jersey

1. Call the Paramedics
2. Urine Her Ass
3. Shit Rolls Down Hill and You're At the Bottom
4. Brown Trout Peekin Out
5. Abort the Mission
6. The Faggot Store Called and They Want Their Mustache Back
7. Back of a Milk Carton
8. Kick My Own Ass
9. Take 10 of These and Call Me In the Morning
10. A Dog Named Jesus
11. Send a Salami to Your Boy In the Army

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some Changes

So i've kind of strayed away from just doing punk and oi because my musical taste is just too broad. So like (best site ever which i used to and still do post on from time to time) i'm gonna be doing various forms of music as well as random ranting and shit. if ya don't like it suck my balls

Monday, December 14, 2009

UK Subs- Punk Rock Singles (1996)

Band UK Subs
Album Punk Rock Singles
Year 1996
Location London, UK

1. C.I.D.
2. Stranglehold
3. Tomorrow's Girls
4. She's Not There
5. Warhead
6. Teenage
7. Party In Paris
8. Keep On Running
9. Countdown
10. Self-Destruct
11. Another Typical City
12. Private Army
13. This Gun Says
14. The Motivator
15. Sabre Dance
16. Hey Santa
17. Here Comes Alex
18. Barmy London Army
19. Freaked
20. New Barbarians
21. Limo Life

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Bateman- The Love And War Ep (2007)

This is by far one of my favorite albums of any form of music. This cd is probably only 20 minutes long and I have never heard anything that makes me feel that angry. This is a must have for any fan of blood for blood, death threat, punk or any pissed off human being on this earth.

Band Bateman
Album The Love And War EP
Year 2007
Location Shelton, Hamden, Connecticut US

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. Walking Alone
3. Dorsia
4. Enough’s Enough
5. Becoming
6. All Is Fair

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Acid Bath- Paegan Terrorism Tactics (1996)

Band Acid Bath
Album Paegan Terrorism Tactics
Year 1996
Location Morgan City, Louisiana

Track Listing
1. Paegen Love Song
2. Bleed Me an Ocean
3. Graveflower
4. Diäb Soulé
5. Locust Spawning
6. Old Skin
7. New Death Sensation
8. Venus Blue
9. 13 Fingers
10. New Corpse
11. Dead Girl

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Acid Bath- When The Kite String Pops (1994)

Band Acid Bath
Album When The Kite String Pops
Year 1994
Location Morgan City, Louisiana US

Track Listing
1. The Blue
2. Tranquilized
3. Cheap Vodka
4. Finger Paintings of the Insane
5. Jezebel
6. Scream of the Butterfly
7. Dr. Seuss Is Dead
8. Dope Feind
9. Toubabo Koomi
10. God Machine
11. The Morticians Flame
12. What Color Is Death
13. The Bones of Baby Dolls
14. Cassie Eats Cockaroaches

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A Poor Excuse- A Poor Excuse (1999)

Band A Poor Excuse
Album A Poor Excuse
Year 1999
Location Boston, MA

01. Memories
02. I Hate
03. Metal Moshing Maniac
04. 4/20/99
05. For all those in Power
06. All I Need
07. Wrestling
08. Brass Knuckle Shuffle
09. Take the Blame

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A Poor Excuse- Crashed Out, Wasted Useless, Hated (1999)

Band A Poor Excuse
Album Crashed Out, Wasted Useless, Hated
Year 1999
Location Boston, MA

01. Make the Best of it
02. No Place for Me
03. News at Night
04. Poor Excuse
05. Salvation
06. Sold Out
07. Running with Scissors
08. My own Terms

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For The Worse/ Out Cold- Split (2008)

Band Out Cold & For The Worse
Album Split
Year 2008
Location Boston, MA
Myspace Out Cold

For The Worse

01 Im A Cutter (Out Cold)
02 Gimme Skelter (Out Cold)
03 Colder (Out Cold)
04 Road Warriors (For The Worse)
05 Smoke & Mirrors (For The Worse)
06 No Rhyme No Reason (For The Worse)
07 Attention Apan (For The Worse)
08 Dropping Like Fly (For The Worse)

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For The Worse- Blood, Guts, Going Nuts (2006)

Band For The Worse
Album Blood, Guts, Going Nuts
Year 2006
Location Boston, MA

01. Blood, Guts, Going Nuts
02. Empty Threats
03. Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Speak Nothing
04. The Day Music Died
05. #2
06. Shove it up your Ass
07. The Blame Game
08. Square Peg round Hole
09. We're all going to Die
10. Burbs Part
11. When we were Skins
12. Busted Wide Open
13. My Fist Your Face
14. Religion Superstition
15. When the Shit Hits the Fan
16. Losing the Battle of Self Abuse
17. Road Rage
18. Don't waste your Time
19. Sweet 16
20. Battle Royal
21. Morrisey Sucks and so do You
22. Blah Blah Blah
23. This is Boston not L.A.

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For The Worse- Chaos Continues (2004)

Band: For The Worse
Album: Chaos Continues
Year: 2004
Location: Boston, MA

Track List:

1. Chaos Continues
2. The Truth Hurts
3. Reverse the Curse
4. Shit Out of Luck
5. Overpriviliged
6. TV Zombies
7. No Rent Control
8. Catholic Guilt
9. Patriot for a Day
10. Oi! The Joke
11. You Put the SS in Boss
12. Going No Where Fast
13. And Justice for Who
14. War on the War on Drugs
15. Guest of Honor
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Call The Paramedics- You Better Bring A Helmet (2007)

Band Call The Paramedics
Album You Better Bring A Helmet
Year 2007
Location Atlantic City, NJ

1. You Better Bring a Helmet
2. Lets Huff Gas
3. Roadside Memorial Runover
4. Fire in the Hole
5. My Name Is Asshole
6. Prison Bitch
7. Grab Your Spoons and Lighters It's Time to Rock
8. Highest Power (GG Allin Cover)
9. Allen Rothenberg Is Your Injury Lawyer
10. It's Not Rape It's Surprise Sex
11. Every Time My Bag Slaps Her Ass the Lights Flicker
12. Meals on Wheels
13. If My Aunt Had Balls She'd Be My Uncle
14. I Just Stubbed Your Camel Toe
15. No Snow No Show
16. Call the Paramedics
17. Only Users Lose Drugs
18. Nothin Says Lovin Like a Concussion
19. Jerk on Not Off
20. The Hardest Thing About Rollerblading Is Telling Your Parents That Your Gay

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Tragedy- Nerve Damage (2006)

Band Tragedy
Album Nerve Damage
Year 2006
Location Portland, Oregon/ Memphis, Tennessee

1. Eyes Of Madness
2. Force Of Law
3. Rabid Panic
4. Deaf And Disbelieving
5. The Hunger
6. Total Vision
7. In Formation
8. Incendiary
9. Crucifier
10. Under The Radar
11. Plan Of Execution

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Tragedy- Vengeance (2002)

Band Tragedy
Album Vengeance
Year 2002
Location Portland, Oregon/ Memphis, Tennessee

1. Conflicting Ideas
2. Call To Arms
3. Vengeance
4. Recurring Nightmare
5. Beginning of the End
6. The Lure
7. Night Falls
8. The Day After
9. War With In Us
10. Revengeance
11. To the Dogs
12. No Words

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Tradegy- S/T (2000)

Band Tragedy
Album S/T
Year 2000
Location Portland, Oregon/ Memphis, Tennessee

1. The Point Of No Return
2. Not Fucking Fodder
3. Never Knowing Peace
4. Confessions Of A Suicide Advocate
5. The Intolerable Weight
6. You Are An Experiment
7. Products Of A Cold War
8. With Empty Hands Extended
9. Tension Awaiting Imminent Collapse
10. Chemical Imbalance

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Visions Of War- Unreleased Demo (1998)

Album Unreleased Demo
Year 1998
Location Belgium

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Warvictims- Dogs Of War EP (2009)

Band Warvictims
Album Dogs Of War EP
Year 2009
Location Sweden

1. Dogs Of War
2. How Many More Must Die
3. Neverending Nightmare
4. A Terrifying Vision

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Agent 99- Little Pieces 1993-1995 (1998)

Band Agent 99
Album Little Pieces 1993-1995
Year 1998

1 Get A Grip
2 Walk
3 Words
4 Little Pieces
5 You Already Know
6 Kingston On My Mind
7 Murder For Rent (Record Exec Mix)
8 Elektra
9 Little Rude Riding Hood
10 Biggest Boy
11 River Cobain
12 Murder For Rent (Punk Rock Mix)
13 Happy?
14 Back To The Underground
15 Look At You Now
16 Alzheimerska/Get A Grip
17 Little Rude Riding Hood
18 Theme
19 Sweet Dreams

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Beantown Boozehounds- Pour Another Round (2009)

Band Beantown Boozehounds
Album Pour Another Round
Year 2009
Location Boston, MA

1. On the Road
2. Pour Another Round
3. Break of Dawn
4. D.U.I.
5. Chi-Town P.D. Blues
6. The 19th Hour
7. Beantown Boozehounds
8. Old Mr. Boston
9. Tonight
10. We'll Be Drinking
11. Goin' Down the Bar
12. Where the Rats Roam

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Angry Samoans- Fuck The War EP (2006)

Band Angry Samoans
Album Fuck The War Ep
Year 2006
Location WINCHESTER, California

1 Election Day
2 Gas Chamber
3 Letter To Uncle Sam
4 Let's Burn The Flag

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Deathreat- Consider It War (2001)

Band Deathreat
Album Consider It War
Year 2001
Location Memphis, Tennessee

1. Single Day One
2. Only Demands
3. Bow To None
4. One And The Same
5. Getting Darker
6. No More...
7. Consider It War
8. Controlled
9. Beyond Belief
10. Behind Bars
11. Our Revenge
12. My Life My Choice

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Deathreat- The Severing Of The Last Barred Window (1999)

Band Deathreat
Album The Severing Of The Last Barred Window
Year 1999
Location Memphis, Tennessee

1. Like Fools
2. Anti-War Part Two
3. On Being Torn Down
4. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
5. Waiting For Another Command
6. Victim Of The Middle Class Myth
7. I Buy Therefore I Am
8. Pay No Mind
9. Who's Next
10. Infiltrators
11. Expose The Fuckers
12. First World Imposition
13. All's Not Well
14. Not Enough
15. You're Under Careful Control
16. Dear Sirs
17. Bodies Piled Higher, Graves Dug Deeper
18. The Generals Win Again

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Deathreat- Runs Dry (1997)

Band Deathreat
Album Runs Dry
Year 1997
Location Memphis, Tennessee

1. Runs Dry
2. Styrofoam Grave
3. March On
4. Tempers Rise
5. What Went Wrong
6. Courtesy Officer
7. 243905
8. We Never Knew

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Afterbirth- The Prophecy Of Doom (2009)

Band Afterbirth
Album The Prophecy Of Doom
Year 2009

1. Kurwa
2. Prophecy Of Doom
3. Mau Mau
4. Victims Of Alcohol
5. Gaia Is Angry!
6. Fuck You
7. Filthy Swastikas
8. Last Train To Hell

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Against Empire- Destructive Systems Collapse (2008)

Band Against Empire
Album Destructive Systems Collapse
Year 2008
Location Los Angeles, CA

01. Work, Breed, Consume
02. Industrial Collapse

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Friday, December 4, 2009



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Darkside NYC- Ambitions Make Way For Dread (1998)

Band Darkside NYC
Album Ambitiions Make Way For Dread
Year 1998
Location BROOKLYN, New York

1. Doctor Buzzard's Introduction
2. Drained in Defeat
3. Parasitic Worm Contraction
4. Bearing the Brunt
5. Slipping Away/Howard Unruh
6. Casualties of a Fleeting Existence
7. Forgiven Not Forgotten
8. Into My Life
9. Clawing and Tearing
10. Atum

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Darkside NYC- Suffer In Silence (1993)

Band Darkside NYC
Album Suffer In Silence
Year 1993
Location BROOKLYN, New York

1. Clawing and Tearing
2. Impending Extinction
3. Forgiven not Forgotten
4. Slipping Away

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Cold As Life- 1988 - 1993 (2002)

Band Cold As Life
Album 1988 - 1993
Year 2002
Location Detroit, MI

1 How Much Longer
2 Detroit City 2
3 Hell's On Its Way
4 Red, White And Blue
5 Boys In Blue
6 Detroit City
7 Addicted
8 Hardcore Homeboy
9 Mr.Wisdom
10 One Night
11 Cold As Life
12 Intro/ Wake Up
13 I Can't Breath
14 Hell's On Its Way
15 Where Are We Going
16 Cold As Life
17 Scared To Death And Back
18 Ten 'Till Midnight
19 Terror Zone

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Cold As Life- Declination Of Independence (2001)

Band Cold As Life
Album Declination Of Indepence
Year 2001
Location Detroit, MI

1. Declination of Independence
2. Dayz Born Amongst Enemies
3. Who Holds the Truth
4. I Can't Breath
5. You've Still Not Won
6. Tried and True
7. Fakes
8. My Prayer
9. My Own Worst Enemy
10. Colder Than You Crew
11. What It Was
12. 1000 Yard Stare
13. Demon Seed

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Cold As Life- Born To Land Hard (1999)

Cold As Life
Album Born To Land Hard
Year 1999
Location Detroit, MI

Track Listing
01. Born To Land Hard
02. Little From The World
03. All Alone
04. When Are We Going
05. Skimask And A .45
06. Terror Zone
07. Bleeding Heart
08. Ten To Midnight
09. Police
10. Your Brought You Down
11. Cold As Life
12. Scared To Death And Back
13. Promise

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Cold As Life- Demo (1997)

Band Cold As Life
Album Demo
Year 1997
Location Detroit, MI

1. Promise
2. Ski Mask And A .45
3. Born To Land Hard
4. Bleeding Heart
5. What It Was

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Word For Word- Manchester Forever (2009)

Band Word For Word
Album Manchester Forever
Year 2009
Location Manchester, New Hampshire

Sorry Toxic stole it from Bros

1. Isolation
2. Scumbag
3. Lucky
4. Breaking All the Rules
5. Courage Over Fear
6. I Still Hate You
7. Free The Devil(featuring Jim Death from Hammer Bros)
8. Forget About It
9. Trainwreck
10. Blood Letter(Return To Sender)
11. It's The Limit (Cro-Mags)
12. Crucified (Iron Cross)
13. Hidden Track

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H8 Inc.- A Clockwork Misery (2009)

Band H8 Inc
Album A Clockwork Misery
Year 2009
Location Detroit, MI

01. A Clockwork Misery
02. We Hate The World
03. The Equalizer
04. The Lecher
05. Smash
06. Cross Your Path
07. Your Time
08. Mass Extinction
09. Intro-American Justice
10. Point Of No Return
11. No Soul To Pray
12. Born Dead
13. Crew Song

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H8 Inc.- Life Is Pain (2004)

Band H8 Inc
Album Life Is Pain
Year 2004
Location Detroit, MI

1. Failure Positive
2. The Winning Will Lose
3. This World Only Takes
4. Trauma
5. Your Kind Is Blind
6. Negative Achievement
7. Suffer
8. I H8 Everything
9. Detroit Nightmares
10. Life Of Pain
11. Cold Dark Mind
12. Detroit Made
13. City Of Disgust
14. Positive Failure
15. Genocide
16. Knives

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H8 Inc- Fraternal Order Of Felons (2001)

Band: H8 Inc
Album: Fraternal Order Of Felons
Year: 2001
Location: (Detroit, MI)

Track Listing:

01. Your Broken Place
02. Stay Away
03. Death Begins
04. Shut You Up
05. I'll Wait
06. Objectove to Abominate
07. Steel Toe Boots
08. Spiked
09. Unify H8
10. On the Yard
11. Pain
12. Life Sweat Blood
13. The All Seeing Eye of Lucifer

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Check This Out

Watch this video. I'm not sure about all this global warming stuff but the idea this guy has is genius if its actually possible.

tell me what you guys think