Sunday, December 13, 2009

Call The Paramedics- You Better Bring A Helmet (2007)

Band Call The Paramedics
Album You Better Bring A Helmet
Year 2007
Location Atlantic City, NJ

1. You Better Bring a Helmet
2. Lets Huff Gas
3. Roadside Memorial Runover
4. Fire in the Hole
5. My Name Is Asshole
6. Prison Bitch
7. Grab Your Spoons and Lighters It's Time to Rock
8. Highest Power (GG Allin Cover)
9. Allen Rothenberg Is Your Injury Lawyer
10. It's Not Rape It's Surprise Sex
11. Every Time My Bag Slaps Her Ass the Lights Flicker
12. Meals on Wheels
13. If My Aunt Had Balls She'd Be My Uncle
14. I Just Stubbed Your Camel Toe
15. No Snow No Show
16. Call the Paramedics
17. Only Users Lose Drugs
18. Nothin Says Lovin Like a Concussion
19. Jerk on Not Off
20. The Hardest Thing About Rollerblading Is Telling Your Parents That Your Gay

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  1. Shitty white power band that hangs out with skinhead gangs and seig heils like losers. There music isn't anything special either but most of that white power B.S. kind of sucks. They really do think they are awesome but really they always put too much effort into it but no passion or heart because their heart is elsewhere!

  2. how are these guys a white power band? none of thier songs are even racist? they are just plain losers or assholes at best.

  3. Thanks for the heads up.

    Downloading now.

  4. needs a re-up please