Saturday, December 5, 2009

Deathreat- The Severing Of The Last Barred Window (1999)

Band Deathreat
Album The Severing Of The Last Barred Window
Year 1999
Location Memphis, Tennessee

1. Like Fools
2. Anti-War Part Two
3. On Being Torn Down
4. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
5. Waiting For Another Command
6. Victim Of The Middle Class Myth
7. I Buy Therefore I Am
8. Pay No Mind
9. Who's Next
10. Infiltrators
11. Expose The Fuckers
12. First World Imposition
13. All's Not Well
14. Not Enough
15. You're Under Careful Control
16. Dear Sirs
17. Bodies Piled Higher, Graves Dug Deeper
18. The Generals Win Again

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