Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Oppressed- The Best Of The Oppressed: Fight For Your Life (1996)

Band The Oppressed
Album The Best of the Oppressed: Fight for Your Life
Year 1996
Location UK

Before anyone who sees the last couple of tracks this is not a nazi band. if you don't believe me look up the lyrics to those songs cuz i thought the same thing at first

1. Victums
2. Work Together
3. Run from You
4. Joe Hawkins
5. Don't Look Back
6. Urban Soldiers
7. Magistrate
8. Ultra Violence
9. Gun Law
10. Riot
11. Government
12. Fight for Your Life
13. Leave Me Alone
14. Skinhead Girl
15. Evil
16. We Can Do Anything
17. Skinheads in Sapress
18. Hurry up Harry
19. Substitute
20. Nazxi Nightmare
21. B-N-P (Full of Shit)
22. Nazi Skinhead

Download Part 1 Mediafire

Download Part 2 Mediafire

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