Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Press- The Complete Press -- 1984 - 1994 (2007)

Band The Press
Album The Complete Press -- 1984 - 1994
Year 2007

01. Is it Any Wonder?
02. Shut Your Fuck'n Mouth
03. ASAP
04. Try
05. Revolution Now
06. Crackdown
07. 21 Guitar Salute
08. It's Not What I Want
09. Just Another Warning
10. Friday 5 P.M.
11. Carry On Harry
12. Shot Heard Around the World
13. Break Up Dub
14. 21 Guitar Salute (Alternate Version)
15. It's Not What I Want (Alternate Version)

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  1. sweet blog. best sharp skin blog iv ever seen. Cheers or the murderers row stuff, fuckin impossible to find. You dont have any Tried & True do ya? anyway keep it up bro

  2. never heard of them alot of the stuff on here i am just gettin into and puttin it up as i go but i can look for some of it and when murderer's row puts up their new cd i'll get it up here