Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This is why I Do This Shit

sweet blog. best sharp skin blog iv ever seen. Cheers or the murderers row stuff, fuckin impossible to find. You dont have any Tried & True do ya? anyway keep it up bro

If anyone who checks this page has that cd which is
Tried & True- Ten Year War
or any of the following:
Any doggfight US
the new Word For Word
Second To None- Wreck Rock N Roll
Oxblood- Thug Rock Music
Class War Kids: Reflection Rage Rebellion
Burning Streets: Is It An Black & White
4 Past Midnight- Guilty As Charged
The 86'ed
razors in the night
anything by the exposed
purse snatchers

put them in the shout box

also any other stuff you guys think i'd like throw them up there demos anythin

1 comment:

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