Monday, November 9, 2009

This video sparked a few ideas

I was thinking during this video somethin. If you were to see me on the street I don't dress like a skinhead. Just not my style of dress probably the tight jeans like my balls to breathe. I think alot of people who are skins don't dress exactly because of these bonehead skins out there. Becoming one is very hard now a days i've noticed as I dig deaper into the old skin bands because some of them walk a fine line between sharp and bonehead. I do firmly believe that sharps everywhere need to stand together and be proud of what they are. I went to the bar with my father the other day and we were talking about this subject and he didn't care (probably already knew have had short hair for years) but he did say somethin that bothered me, he told me to not go around telling people about being a skin for the idea of peoples concept of what these assholes have made it out to be.

I have talked to several people at work about it. Most of the people I work with are immigrants which doesn't bother me their workin supporting their families which I commend. But one of the guys is Jamacian and we were talkin about it and I heard from someone he wasn't convinced I wasn't racist. Now I will not say that I don't joke around about shit cuz everyone does racist non racist doesn't matter because its humor if done right. I know everyone has preset racial ideas and is it right no but i've always tried givin people the chance to prove to me who they are. The word Nigger (hate that word by the way) is thrown around to freely. That word does not apply souly to black people mind you there are whites who are niggers. I am to lazy to look it up but I look at it as someone who is completely ignorant and does not try to do anything to better themselves and expects a hand out from the government and has a sense of undeserved entitlement.

put in your thoughts about this one curious what other people have experienced.

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