Sunday, November 8, 2009

VA: Anarcho Punk Vol 3- Anti Society (2006)

1-Reality Control - Forgive Us
2-Icons Of Filth - Your Military
3-Sears - Not Prepared
4-A.O.A - Who Are They Trying To Convince
5-Liberty - Revenge
6-Dave Band Asgrove - I Rebel
7-Karma Sutra - Fantasy Ball
8-Icon A.D - Seeing Is Believing
9-Exit-Stance - Christian Militia
10-Alternative - Where Are Your Hiroshimas
11-Look Mummy Clowns - Sell Your Dreams
12-Reality - Acceptable Death Loss
13-Thatcher On Acid - Our Gods Are Falling Down
14-Part I - Salem
15-Andy T - Explotation
16-Revulsion - Out Of Touch
17-Apostles - Beserker
18-Untermensch - Ashfield Valley Headkick
19-Hagar The Womb - Dressed To Kill
20-Stalag 17 - Doomsday Machine
21-Oi Polloi - Stop Vivisection Now
22-Anti State Control - M.U.S.E
23-Mental - Attack

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