Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Warning- All Systems Dead (2004)

Band The Warning
Album All Systems Dead
Year 2004
Location DETROIT, Michigan

1. All Systems Dead
2. Social Disease
3. Innocence Gone
4. Suicide
5. Detroit Riot City
6. Senseless Murder
7. Shot Down
8. Dead Last
9. Duid
10. Get Out
11. Last Call
12. Never Back Down

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  1. close shave are a rac band check out this vile site and look up close shave there pictures that will prove it i was sad my self to see cus i like there music but not anymore i can't listen to racist even if they don't sing about there still nazi scum

  2. ya i have heard that but the problem i believe with that webpage i think its that page atleast is they also have forced reality up there and they are not even close to a racist band i will look into that though i'd hate to see it cuz they are a good band