Sunday, March 15, 2009

Living In A Liberal World

Lets face it we live in a world where the liberal population says we can and can't do and say certain things. Well I think they should tell us who they think they are to be so righteous? True there are things we should not do or say because they infringe on the basic human rights of other people. But at the same time some people do not deserve to have human rights. There have been trial cases of say rapists where they get off due to a cop maybe being over forceful or even the whitness being permiscuous. There is a law in Massachusetts that says certain sexual acts are illegal to perform with your significant other. You have got to be fucking kidding me. Mind you the law is that having anal sex is illegal I believe there maybe other things on there but I am not sure. My response to this is fuck you if your going to tell me what I can and can not do in the privacy of my own sexual relationships no matter what they may be.
Politicians are especially guilty. Good meaning politicians, and I use this phrase very loosely, have to tip toe through the tulips with liberal assholes about the issues they want resolved. How about we just tell them to come down from their high horses and take a look at the reality of the world. Everyone is not a puppet that you can control and not tell them how to think. I hate to say this but Ronald Reagan has probably been, as far as I have been told, one of our best presidents in a long time. He did what he had to do told people to either go with him or get out of his way. We need politicians like this in todays increasingly chaotic world. If men and women would come forth with the sense to get things done and not just advance their own bullshit agenda's and put forth the effort to fix the worlds problems things would actually get done.
Another problem actually extends from my blog about being white. The media, who is liberally run, would call my a racist. Well frankly I don't give a fuck. I retaliate by saying they are a bunch of hypocrital momma's boys/girls. I know anyone who stands before me and says they are not racial and all that bullshit they spew is a hypocrite for the following reason : NOT ONE PERSON IS INNOCENT OF EVER SAYING ONE RACIAL REMARK, MAKING ONE RACIAL JOKE OR THINKING ONE RACIAL THOUGHT. If you tell me you never have your a liar. Its time to start becoming free thinking people again. Nowadays people are more concerned with the latest fashion, fitting in, being seen with the right people and all that shit to take a look around and say fuck there is some seriously fucked up things going on. Wake up people.
The same media who says all of these things is the same media who make other countrys think we are a bunch of noisy do gooder pussies. For example in the state of Massachusetts you can not use excessive force if some one breaks into your house. Meaning you can not shoot that person or you will be charged with murder. Also if your dog attacks them or they cut their hand on the glass they can sue you. Come on if someone breaks into my dwelling and there is a gun I'm going to empty the clip into them. And if they sue me I will be going to jail for murder because they broke into my house and tried to rob me and they have the right to sue me? Where is my right to protect my own and my own property. Another example is the Dunkin Donuts coffee label there is now a warning because some retard burned themselves ON HOT COFFEE THEY ORDERED. They burned themselves and sued. THEY FUCKING WON. The irony is amazing. I was told by a fellow class mate that the same case was brought up in England and was basically laughed out of the court room. Well lets take a lesson from our friends across the pond and start telling people like this to fuck off.
My whole point is that no thing that we as normal humans want to do or say is going to go smoothly with out a remark of some kind whether it being called a racist, sexist, bigot, or any other thing. So how about this we all start telling the people who call us that to look in the mirror and say with an honest face they have not at one time said or done or thought the same thoughts.

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  1. Do a little research and then post your stupid don't have a clue what liberal really means do you? That president you spoke so highly of was a part of the beginning of the most corrupt era in American history. All of his deregulation policies have led to the shitstorm mess we are in now. I wish you could ask members of a bunch of the bands you post about on here what they think about Reagan and all the other neo-facists of that ilk and maybe their responses would help clear the shit-stain clouding your thought process. Pathetic...