Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Are Losing Control Of Our Youth

I Wrote This Last March basically what influenced it was the begining I believe of the Democratic nominee campaigns. This was inspired by a speech by Hilary Clinton I heard.

Look I may be considered a kid but maybe I'm the best to say this. There was something on the news recently about it being illegal to hit your children. Now there are different degrees to hitting kids. Beating the shit out of your kids is wrong no doubt about it, beating the shit out of them with a belt is wrong. BUT a smack on the ass or a dope smack on the kid is the best thing for a kid. I'll use a perfect example. If a dog does something and you tap it on the nose it may do it again but after enough taps on the nose its going to think about doing whatever it is doing to get punished. Common knowledge I'm sure and if its not your all fucking retarded.
I think and as a kid did recieve certain punishment for certain actions. Todays society is trying to control how we teach our kids by making us guilty for raising our children. Especially since todays generation as is the same as the past few and having children earlier and earlier. The fact is some of these parents do not know how to raise children as would be expected with youth. But the media has pounced on this by making us guilty for teaching our kids right and wrong through diciplinary means. But I say who the fuck gives them the right. Ladies you put yourselves through 9 months of what i'm sure was at times hell. And guys you went through 9 months of hell and comments such as why did you do this to me. So you have the right to with in reason discipline your kids.
If the government wants to raise our kids, tell them to reach into those deep pockets of theirs and help us out. Otherwise unless a kid is getting abused keep your big fuckin noses out.

I work as a maintenance tech for a property management company in a urban area called Brockton which some of you may know. Every fucking day I see some of the most ignorant human beings in the world. White black and every other race. More times I have seen kids running around breaking windows and breaking into places. One of the people I work with told these kids to stay out. The young girl told me and him to mind our own business and to go fuck ourselves. These kids were about 13 or so. Now my respect for authority is not the best but what baffles me if the way it seemed was that they felt that they owned the place and could do anything they damn well please.
The reason for this is they're parents think the same way. They feel they are obligated for everything they have and they don't have to do shit for it. You want to know why kids are fucked up today, why in areas once dubbed good areas to live are reduced to fuckin shit holes with little punks. When I was raised I was taught respect, taught values. I don't give a fuck where your from, what shit you go through in life, you AND ONLY YOU chose who you are and what your gonna be. You want kids who respect you and grow up to be somethin? Look at yourself and the influences you are reflectin on your kids.

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