Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Justice No Peace Compilation (2007)

Warcity Records Compilation No Justice No Peace European Hardcore Compilation
From the begining of the CD to the end you get a great taste of some of the most brutal and ear drum destroying bands coming from the European scene. This CD is what someone would listen to before comitting murder. World Wide Takeover and Warcity Records do not condone the act of murder. But seriously this record is brutal from begining to end. Some of my favorites are:

Last To Remain- No Justice Without Retribution Very Very heavy band out of Norway. If you like beatdown or metal you will listen to this band

Wrath Of Sanity- The Truth They have recently broken up but an amazing band out of Germany For Fans of Hoods, Back of the Neck and Merauder

Whatever It Takes- Stand your Ground For Fans of Shattered Realm, All Out War, Merauder

Gunned Down- Stand Your Ground Brutallly coming out of Germany For anyone who is a fan of Hardcore

Down By Prejudice- Fight Like Hell Very pissed of French men Fans of On A Warpath

Lost Alone- Nothing For Nothing Aaron from Death Theat in Swiss form For Fans of Death Threat This was a very hard list to make, the entire CD is awesome and don't think this isn't a CD for metal heads. Pick up a copy its just down right brutal.

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