Friday, November 6, 2009

Reason To Fight- Blood And Glory (2009)

Band Reason To Fight
Album Blood And Glory
Year 2009
Location Rhode Island

1 Abused And Oppressed
2 Side By Side
3 Battle Brigade
4 Revolt
5 Eyes Of Innocence
6 Riot
7 Embrace
8 Can't Get Along With Anyone
9 Haymaker
10 Five Men Fighting
11 A Common Thread
12 Blood And Glory
13 Up In Arms
14 Potter's Field

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  1. more good stuff bro. Cheers for puttin up Tried & True in your wishlist. But you can take out razors in the night coz iv posted their only release in your shoutbox haha!

  2. hahaha ya i should huh thanks for that by the way