Sunday, November 8, 2009

VA: Anarcho Punk Vol 1- Anti War (2005)

1-Dirt - Antiwar
2-Zounds - War
3-Metro Youth - Red Rifles
4-Flowers In The Dustbin - November Song
5-Kronstadt Uprising - Blind People
6-Political Asylum - Disarm Or Die
7-Astronauts - Typical Day
8-Antrax - Introduction To War
9-A-Heads - Forgotten Hero
10-The System - Dogs Of War
11-Sanction - Unknown Soldier
12-Instigators - The Blood Is On Your Hands
13-Blood Robots - The Valley
14-Lost Cherees - Why Does It Have To Be A Dream
15-Riot Clone - Neu-Vestation
16-Youth In Asia - When The Wind Blows
17-Psycho Faction - Threat
18-Naked - What A Way To Die
19-Omega Tribe - Duty Calls
20-Anti System - Government Lies
21-Faction - Obligatory War Song
22-Rubella Ballet - Belfast
23-The Snipers - I Know

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