Monday, October 19, 2009

Bonecrusher- Followers Of A Brutal Calling (2000)

Band Bonecrusher
Album Followers of A Brutal Calling
Year 2000
Location Orange County, CA

1. Followers of a Brutal Calling
2. Stay Alive
3. Wrecking Crew
4. Hold On
5. Live to Ride
6. Without "Love"
7. Dead end Stret
8. Hate, War & Misery
9. I Can't Get Ahead
10. Warriors
11. Breakout
12. Sights on Today
13. Without You
14. Won't Die for You
15. The Struggle
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  1. HI the track 'without love' is not on this file it's the oxymoron song crazy love just thought i would let you know

  2. Great record. Missing one of the best songs but, it's still worth listening to. Great, great, great, record.

  3. The without love from followers was a crusher original written in studio same day it was recorded. Mike came up with we jammed it 3 times and at end of day Ray had words, classic.