Monday, October 19, 2009

VA: Backstreets Of American Oi (1998)

Band VA
Album Backstreets Of American Oi
Year 1998

1. Skinhead Rock 'n' Roll (Broken Heroes)
2. Rumours (Sussed)
3. Friend of Foe (Brickwall United)
4. The Glory and the Horror (Sons of Pride)
5. John's Song (Patriot)
6. Nuke Seattle (Blacklist)
7. '99 (Authority)
8. Beat of the Street (South East Firm)
9. Hey You (90 Proof)
10. Fuck Hollywood (Anti-Heros)
11. American Graffitti (The Service)
12. Bottles Flying (Stormwatch)
13. Old Breed (Vibram 94)
14. Wolfgang (Wretched Ones)
15. Roomate (Niblick Henbane)
16. Another Face in the Crowd (Those Unknown)
17. Due Respect (Lager Lads)
18. Oi! Boys (Boot Party)
19. Life and Times (The System)
20. Alley Girl (The Inebriates)
21. Get Drunk (Toughskins)
22. Washington Bullets (Yesterday's Heroes)
23. Politicians (Templars)
24. No Place to Go (Battle Cry)
25. Nadsat Psycho Theme (Nadsat Psychos)

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  1. i love this album been lookin for years to replace one i had i would like to download if possible??

  2. hey this my e-mail let me know? thanx

  3. Please reupload