Monday, October 19, 2009

Broken Heroes & Weekend Warriors- Split (2003)

Band Broken Heroes & Weekend Warriors
Album Split
Year 2003
Location Broken Heroes: New Jersey; Weekend Warriors: PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA
Myspace Broken Heroes:
Weekend Warriors:

1 Rich Man's War-broken Heroes
2 Two Faced- Broken Heroes
3 Media Blowout-broken Heroes
4 100% Class-broken Heroes
5 My Day-broken Heroes
6 Someone's Gonna Die-broken Heroes (blitz Cover)
7 Life Long Thug-broken Heroes
8 Understand-broken Heroes
9 Just Cause For A Revolution-weekend Warriors
10 13 Hours A Day-weekend Warriors 11 Back At It Again-weekend Warriors
12 Let's Drink-weekend Warriors
13 This Is The Law-weeekend Warriors
14 Date Rape Richie-weekend Warriors
15 My Own Change Of Pace-weekend Warriors
16 Streams Of Whiskey-weekend Warriors (pogues Cover)

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