Monday, October 19, 2009

Bonecrusher- World Of Pain (2000)

Band Bonecrusher
Album World Of Pain
Year 2000
Location Orange County, CA

1. Crime wave
2. Heart of stone
3. Living hell
4. Poverty
5. Drug store
6. Bottom of the sea
7. Behind the mask
8. 714
9. Porn star
10. Fire
11. American psycho
12. World of pain
13. Idiot
14. Private world
15. You never will

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  1. Great stuff. I like the post alot. It's worth mentioning these guys are mistaken as a racist band but in fact they have (2) philipino guitar players and are far from it. Just good old rock n roll.Listen to the lyrics.

  2. i know i've gotten shit about postin them before this great band