Monday, October 19, 2009

VA: Backstreets Of American Oi! Vol. 2 (2006)

Band VA
Album Backstreets Of American Oi! Vol. 2
Year 2006

1 Roger Meret And The Disasters -The Boys
2 Far From Finished -Seasonal Patriot
3 Straight Laced -Pride And Freedom
4 Rat City Riot -Rat City Riot
5 Empire Falls -Where The Wild Things Are
6 Trouble Bound -Trouble Bound Blues
7 Southpaw Manners -Streetbound
8 Boils -Blood On The Fields
9 Strong Arm And The Bullies -A Toast
10 Cranked Up -Get Out
11 Maddog Surrender -War Machine
12 The Bruisers -Till The End
13 Antagonizers -Us And Them
14 Headwound -Trendsetter
15 American Static -Hooligan
16 Suburban Lockdown -U.S. Inc.
17 Traditionals -We Had A Deal
18 Wretched Ones -Leave The Old Man Alone
19 Sab Grey & The Royal Americans -Wasted In DC
20 Whiskey Rebels -Sex, Thugs & Rocknroll
21 Deal -Cheap Shot
22 Vanguard -Survival Of The Fittest
23 Ivy League -Port City Beer Boys
24 Broken Heroes -Discount Liquors
25 First Offense -Stand Strong
26 Incendiary Stiff -Resist
27 Pure Impact -Heartache
28 Patriot -Cohesion
29 Brassknuckle Boys -Day After Day
30 Lager Lads -Even The Score
31 Drastic Actions -Taking It Back
32 Call To Arms -America's Forgotten Son
33 Weekend Bowlers -These Days
34 Common Voice -Better Off Dead
35 Pubcrawlers -All For Me Grog
36 Louts -Of Faith And Soul
37 Beer Mongers -One More
38 Urban Riot -Tax Man Cometh
39 Bloodshot Hooligans -White Trash Society
40 Apa -Monority
41 NY Rel-X -Shes Got A Gun
42 Street Justice -Callin' Me Home
43 Done Deal -Still By Our Side
44 Labor Force -Passing The Torch
45 Tommy Gutless -54 40 Or Fight
46 Second To None -Bridate Morte
47 Iron Cross -Glory
48 Dead Heroe's -Two Americans
49 Brazen Rogues -In The Gutter
50 Armed Suspects -Pride
51 Lowdowns -One More Year
52 Wekend Warriors -The Ol' 1-2
53 Niblick Henbane -We Don't Want To Play

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