Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Germs- (GI) (1979)

I didn't know much about this band until about 2 weeks ago. I knew they were around but never listend to them. In American Hardcore (awesome dvd about the first hardcore bands) they mention the germs as an old punk band. Hearing their song Richie Dagger's crime. This is a good album haven't beat it into my head yet but if your a punk fan you'll enjoy it. This is their only full length due to Darby Crash's drug induced suicide. Also interesting note GI was apparantly the bands secret name they booked under because of their live show reputation. The myspace is the reformed Germs line up. Enjoy.

Band The Germs
Album (GI)
Year 1979
Location LOS ANGELES, California

1 What We Do Is Secret (Side One)
2 Communist Eyes
3 Land Of Treason
4 Richie Dagger's Crime
5 Strange Notes
6 American Leather
7 Lexicon Devil
8 Manimal
9 Our Way
10 We Must Bleed
11 Media Blitz (Side Two)
12 The Other Newest One
13 Let's Pretend
14 Dragon Lady
15 The Slave
16 Shut Down (Annihilation Man) [Live]

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