Thursday, October 1, 2009

Murderer's Row- Beer Fueled Mayhem (2008)

Band Murderer's Row
Album Beer Fueled Mayhem
Year 2008
Location Troy, NY

Lead singer of Stigmata's new band. Was never a fan of Stigmata but this band is the fuckin balls! Great street punk/ oi if your a fan of that music a couple of bands I can compare them too are The Blue Bloods, Welch Boys and bands like that.

1. Barbrawl
2. Irish Car Bomb
3. Street Punk
4. Dear Mr. Music Critic
5. Foe
6. Crazy, Sick, Psychotic
7. Manitoba's
8. My Heart Is A Clenched Fist
9. One More For The Road
10. Gimmee The Money
11. Ragnarok

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